The web's most versatile video player

Easy to install, fully comprehensive & interactive web video player

Rapidly add interactive web video
Easy wizard based embed codes
Timeline or user event triggering
Trigger any content & anywhere
Rotate your videos per visit
Powerful Video analytics
Secure your video content
Click play and wait for it!

7 seconds into playback (or any time you choose) an opt-in form will magically appear to the right (optionally) and the video will pause (if you want it to). Clicking the 'No thanks' button or subscribing will resume play automatically.

Embed or popup your videos (including YouTube) on Web Sites / WordPress / Joomla
Trigger your email opt-in forms & buy-now buttons and boost conversions
Easy wizard based setup for both novices / professional internet marketers

Video Popups
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Floating Layers
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Easy Wizard Based Setup - No Coding Knowledge Needed

Add single line of script to the <head> section of your page

Get embed code from wizard and paste into the <body> section of your page

Extend as desired, add more videos, create custom popups, connect together etc.

Track precisely what your visitors do with your videos and content:

See where they seeked, paused, submitted a form, clicked on a link and more

  • View analytics per video or custom content, add additional user defined analytics triggers
  • Experiment with the timeline triggers and videos to maximize subscriptions & purchases

Just some of the benefits of OptinPlayer™

Supports flv, mp4, mov, m4v, h.264 - deliver video to all browsers, hand-held's with Flash & HTML5 Video
Display your email optin form or redirect when the video is clicked, ends, or anywhere on the timeline
Control the display of advertising content, buy-now buttons, optin forms or any other custom content
Rotate your videos per page-view, per session or with a custom interval that you choose
Use Amazon S3 Secure Authentication or RTMP to protect your video & allow seek-anywhere capability
Use powerful Analytics Tracking to monitor visitor interaction & make changes to increase conversions
Embed or Popup Web Video in Normal Web Pages / WordPress / Joomla!. Create popup YouTube videos

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